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MicroJet PRM-196

for MicroCables or Fiber Units 1 - 8mm and Ducts 3 - 14mm

The MicroJet® PRM-196 is designed for blowing or floating telecommunication micro-cables (optical fiber, coax or multipair) in preinstalled ducts.

Item # Description
P-FJ0331000 MICROJET PRM-196


1 box for the MicroJet & Accessories
1 speed and distance meter
1 air hose with quick release couplers
1 pneumatic motor (bi-directional) with a maximum pushing force of 150N
1 motor control and air treatment unti
1 adjustable magnetic clutch (0-25 N)
1 driving wheel without steel tire
1 driving wheel with rubber tire
1 pressure wheel (polyurethane lining)
1 pressure wheel (aluminium)
1 bottle of lubricant Micro Jetting Lube
1 operation and maintenance manual
Set of duct inserts
Set of cable inserts
Steel Tire
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